Charles Healan

Charles Healan Review

Report Filed: Charles Healan Jinx Deadbeat Dad, con artist Orlando Florida!!

Charles Healan, 42, works at Universal Studios in Orladnod Fl, he is Woody the Woodpecker, He has a son who is 18 months old, he pays no support for this child, he his mother works long grueling hours, to take care of his child, he is such a loser he cannot even at 42, qualify for his own cell phone plan and has his baby mama provide him with a phone, she and the child were recently in danger of eviction, Charles was aware of this and did nothing to help, he is a con artist and probably a predator, Employees like him are why I do not ever go to Universal in Orlando. I would not want him near my children and as a cartoon character he is near all of the children who visit, ironic because he cares so little for his own.

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