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Report Filed: Checkmate K9 Stevo Henderson Abused my dogs , Lied , cheated and stole. No Morals Trenton Texas!!

I decided to enroll my puppies in Stevo Henderson’s Checkmate K9, titling program. During the initial phone conversation, Stevo advised me to commit to the 12-month board and train program. His fee was $1000 per month, which included weekly video updates, special flea medicine needed before entering the kennel and specific collars to prevent fleas. Stevo guaranteed he could deliver my puppies with an IPO 1 Title in Schutzhund. On September 24, 2017, I drove from Houston, TX to Trenton, TX, a 4-hour drive, and dropped my puppies off at Stevou2019s Checkmate K9 Kennel. I was excited about the possibility of my puppies being titled in Schutzhund. Stevo promised that I would get weekly video updates, showing where the puppies started and how they improved with this training. I left happy, thinking my puppies were in good hands. However, after I dropped them off, it became very hard to get in touch with Stevo. Almost three weeks into the program, on October 15th, I received the first and only video update. He was not helpful or honest. I never heard from him, until a few days before the scheduled monthly payment of $1000. Then, he attempted to communicate with me, to make up for not contacting me for an entire month. By that time, I had checked his reviews and talked with numerous people. I found out that Stevo was not a man of good character or integrity. On October 24th, I drove to Trenton , TX, to check on my puppies and see exactly what he had been training them in. When I got there, Stevo rushed my puppies out, and I noticed that one of them had become much more aggressive than before and the other was afraid like an abused rescue dog. I took my puppies out of Checkmate K9 and brought them home that day. And, I was truly shocked when the flea medicine he insisted the puppies needed to enter his kennel, (Trifexis) had not been given to them, despite the fact that he told me he had given it to them. Before taking my puppies into his kennel, Stevo advised me to buy Seresto Flea collars so there would be double protection against fleas. We agreed that he would buy the flea collars and I would reimburse him. He said the collars would cost about $50 each. When I was ready to reimburse him, he said the collars were $75 each. I paid him $150, only to find out the collars cost only $54.99 each. My puppies were with Stevo for only 4 week, but the collars they were wearing were very worn out and looked old. I had two veteran trainers look at the collars and both said there is no way the collars would be that worn and dirty in four short weeks. Both veteran trainers suggested I write a review about this company. I trusted Stevo with my puppies but ended up wasting over $1000. After I confronted him about the price of the collars and how old they looked, he blocked me from his Facebook page. I found out that this is not the first time he has been dishonest. Buyers Beware. Stevo Henderson’s Checkmate K9, is a Certified Con Artist. I would not recommend him. Pictures and screenshots will be posted very soon to prove foul pay on his part. .

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