Chester's Fried Chicken - Dunklin C-Stores

Chester's Fried Chicken - Dunklin C-Stores Review

Report Filed: Chester’s Fried Chicken – Dunklin C-Stores – Citgo One Stop ripoff Wrongful Firing of employees Stuttgart Arkansas!!

I was hired at the Chester’s Chicken inside of the Citgo One Stop here in Stuttgart, AR on 11-13-2006. I work there on mornings for 3 days, and I then went to nights. When I took the job, the manager Kami, told me that I was being hired and trained for a night shift supervisor position because she didn’t have a night shift supervisor. Everthing was going good until I went on nights. I was working with a girl whose sister and me weren’t on the best of terms because the sister had broken out my car window in may because of my cousin. The sister ended up going to jail for it. The girl didn’t like the fact that I was telling her what to do. So she told the other supervisor that I was bossing her around. I talked to my manager concerning this and she told me that they had been getting complaints from other employees concerning the girl, she also stated this in front of the store manager Kenneth Wells. They praised me for the good work that I was doing, this all took place on 11-20-2006. On Tuesday morning (11-21-2006), I recieved a phone call telling me that I was being fired. The reason giving is because ” I was being too loud””

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