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Report Filed: Chris Cooley Something wrong here irving Texas!!

I came to AIM of Irving because it claimed to be hands on, but here I am sitting on my a** in a cramped classroom. It’s not just this aspect in which I was duped alone either. Financial Aid is a joke. They only care about feeding their worthless fat a**** (Yeah. Every last one of them is fat.) They don’t listen to what you’ve told them a dozen times, and act indignant once you lose your temper with them. So I appearently made too much last year but this year is a whole different story. I’ll make about 12 grand by december but I’m expected to pay almost $100 a month. I ask for a professional judgement and gather all the information sans the third party letter from someone I know telling the school about how my finances went down the drain. Like I’m just going to tell someone about all the financial crap that happened over the last year. know what I did last year? I worked a full and part time job with a lot of overtime to support myself, my little brother, and my sister all on my income alone. But I made too much. Now, here’s where it get’s interesting. What kind of a social life do these people think I had where I was working that many hours? Like I had time to whine about my money, or they the time to get called out of the blue to write this d**n letter. They have all my financial info right in front of them to make that judgement without the letter. Can’t help but to wonder if I can sue for this sort of thing. Anyway point is don’t get suckered into their lies. You will spend a lot of time on your a** in a class writing about things that only the engineers need to worry about. Take the college route, at least if you change your mind you can transfer your credits, and the financial aid people are more about their jobs than stuffing their fat, nasty faces.

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