Christopher and Erica Hester

Christopher and Erica Hester Review

Report Filed: Christopher and Erica Hester Stolen Approx $ 20,000 Cash from My Business from 2005 to 2007 Scottsboro, Alabama!!

From 2005 to 2007 Christopher Hester worked for me At the Millbrook Muffler shop. Times when I was out working in my other locations, I would leave Christopher In Charge During them times He would steal Cash from my Business undetected by me. Later after this had been going on for some time my wife discovered that there was funds missing. I totally Trusted Christopher Hester as He was related by Marriage. After Hester was confronted he then moved from Millbrook to Dothan Alabama, and then later Christopher Hester and his wife Erica moved to Scottsboro Alabama. Just A note here, I learned the Hard way by Trusting Christopher Hester. He is A con Artist That will do anything. Christopher Hester and his wife work together as A Con team, as they have done plenty of people wrong in the Millbrook and Elmore County Area. Be on the lookout as these types of Con artists are always looking for the easy buck. If my wife had not discovered that Money Missing then there would be no telling what he would have taken from my business.. I never want this to happen to anyone else. That is why this report was filed.

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