Citrus Cove Elementary School

Citrus Cove Elementary School Review

Report Filed: Citrus Cove Elementary School Palm Beach School Board Unacceptable Mentor Behaviors Boynton Beach Florida!!

Citrus Cove Elementary is neither the best or worst school around. It has a lot to offer in many ways to benefit the children. What it seems to be lacking is any care for the staff or its students in after care. There is one b**** I’m trying to understand why she is there, her name is Kristina Williamson. Showing poor adult condult in front of our kids. She has already a few times spread rumors on others. Has also told some kids they are not getting treats from her because the are part of a certain group. I heard from one of the staff that she has also stopped one child from giving away treats that his mother brought in may I add. But he wasn’t stopped completely, he was just not able to give to certain kids because they were part of said group. Is this what is acceptable behavior at this school? I guess since she still has a job, then the answer would be yes. I mean this people have it rough. They are mandated to have lesson plans for every activity and not get paid for it. The school board knows that these are mandated, but won’t give the hours to get them done on paid time. But looks away when its forced on these workers to do it on their own time, otherwise they are sent home. It amazes me what people can get away with these days. I swore their were laws against harassment, forcing unpaid working, and god knows what else this program is doing wrong. I wouldn’t be suprised if some of the food gets ordered extra and be taking home by some of the staff. Maybe if you ask nice, they will order you extra wings, or pizza pie and put on the school boards tab.

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