City of Austin Ruben Cantu

City of Austin Ruben Cantu Review

Report Filed: City of Austin Ruben Cantu Planning development & Review, Leon Barba’s employee, Ruben Gonzalez Cantu, Esther F. Cantu Ignoramus, Blacklist Participator, Municipal Stupidity You Can Count On, He’s Like Stevie Wonder On a Hunting Trip He Missed Everything Austin, Texas!!

Folks: You won’t believe what this idiotic City of Austin employee Ruben Cantu missed. He was emailed proof of wrongdoing by one of his fellow employees that Christopher Newton was telling his engineer not to review structural engineering aspects of plans on a written City of Austin memo with Christopher Newton’s signature on it. If unchecked, this could have the potential to harm every visitor and every taxpayer of the city of Austin, TX. In this email, it discussed the failure of structural engineering review by one Andrea Henry aka Andrea Bostrom at the Shoal Creek stream restoration located at 1501 Parkway. The City of Austin FEMA Floodmaps show it is in a FEMA floodplain, a default easement. City of Austin Transportation Criteria Manual, Chapter 11, specifically states that Public Works must review structures in rights-of-way, easements, and flood plains. Guess what Ruben Cantu did about Christopher Newton? Absolutely nothing! Instead of addressing life safety, Ruben buried his head in the sand and left it there. If there were a video of his son being gang-raped, would he do anything about it? Absolutely not! Ruben Cantu has demonstrated that he’s willing to do anything for cash because he lacks an ethical construct! The retaining walls in the plan review process has been raised for two years and nothing was done according to documents we have obtained. Ruben was in those meetings. He did nothing about Christopher Newton and Steven Penshorn designing a checklist that neglects structural aspects of retaining walls since 2009! Ruben Cantu, husband of Esther F. Cantu, is quite the inferior human being, folks. He’s so good at ethics that he fails to return other people’s property for well over 16 months! With people like Ruben Cantu, who needs enemies? Folks, we have decided to do something about Ruben. We have decided to request funding cuts for the Board of Regents. If Ruben doesn’t want to keep ethical and self-righteous people employed at the city, why should people pay taxes to fund his wife’s employment? What does. Dr.. Kenneth I. Shine think about this at the Office of Health Affairs? If Ruben took his job at the city of Austin seriously, he would have lower taxes at his house. Even better yet, the taxes he pays could be used to fund his wife’s job. Ruben want want to tell Esther why she could get downsized. That’s because we’ve emailed all companies and alumni that donate to the UT system. It is widely known that Ruben Cantu works for a city that participates in unlawful incarceration of protesting citizens, unlawful incarceration of their employees for requesting past pay stubs for their life-saving medications, unlawful interference of unemployment claims, retaliation against employees for reporting violations of the Texas Engineers Practices Act and other laws, shooting the dogs of innocent pet owners, blacklisting of their former employees, unlawful theft of personal property, economic waste of taxpayer money on municipal projects, and even stealing artwork from 3 year old little Hispanic girls! Remember, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ruben Cantu, husband of Esther F. Cantu, at the City of Austin, they didn’t invent blacklisting and fraud, waste & abuse, they just perpetrate it. We expect Ruben Gonzalez Cantu to lie and distort the truth. So we’ve decided to create a couple of ads for Ruben. Here’s one commercial we made for the City of Austin we made about Mr. Cantu. What do you think? Hello, we’re the storytellers. No one has time to waste, and that’s why at the City of Austin, they’ve tailored their harassments to wreck the knowledgeable employee’s busy life. Every day, they deliver major falsehoods and doctored evidence of their skewed viewpoints. There’s no fact-checking. There’s lots of fluff. They make sure they ruin their taxpayers while wasting your time and dime. Ruben Cantu of City of Austin, (TX), municipal stupidity you can count on! Check out the new commercial for the City of Austin. It’s great! What do you think? At the City of Austin, Ruben Cantu’s ready. Cantu’s ready to screw you well in advance. His most important job is to keep you and your family unsafe. That’s what he does day by day. He’s constantly thinking up ways to rip off their taxpayers with the schemes he is developing. Harassment of co-workers for reporting life safety issues for no reason can happen quickly. And in any season, that’s what he focuses on most! Ruben Cantu of the City of Austin in the great state of Texas. He’s ready. He’s ready. He’s ready to screw you. That’s municipal stupidity you can count on!

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