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Report Filed: Classy Paws Shih Tzu Elonda Womack I purchased a puppy from Elonda Womack, and paid 1800 for the little guy. He was everything I had ever hoped for in a puppy. Well socialized, tiny, gorgeous. Healthy and perfect in every way. I wa Batesville, Indiana!!

I purchased a puppy from Elonda Womack, and paid 1800 for the little guy. He was everything I had ever hoped for in a puppy. Well socialized, tiny, gorgeous. Healthy and perfect in every way. I was very satisfied with him. I was, however warned about Elondas emotional condition, warned not to deal with her from other breeders who had been burned. She and I had never had a problem, she seemed to me to be professional and upstanding so I went forth with our buisness transaction hoping for the best. I wish I had heeded the warnings.As time went on my little dog continued to develop eye infections. Conjunctivitis. And after repeated trips to the vets office where NO TRAUMA was discovered, (and documented) the vet couldnt figure out why he continued to develop this issue time and again. So prescriptions for medication to clear up the infection was prescribed he was finally referred to a specialist.Apon taking him to the specialist they discovered he had DRY EYE. A congenital defect that they are born with. His was very severe in one eye, and only mildly severe in the other eye.I had no idea what dry eye meant. I asked other facebook breeders if I could still breed the little tike, as he was a prize dog in my opinion. I was hoping the answer was yes. When Mrs Womack seen that I dared to reveal the fact that there was a congenital defect (again, documented) she lost her effing mind. She sent me email after email, time stamped only minutes apart where she rants and raves about what an idiot I am for daring to reveal the secret condition of my puppy. I didnt realize it was supposed to be a secret. My bad.In my heart there was nothing to be ashamed about. Its not like she intended to create this condition. I totally did not understand her passion and abhorrence for the fact that I openly discussed it. And as my vets all told me, neither parent of the dog need to have this condition for it to be present, it is just a breed specific condition that shows up in the Shih Tzu occasionally. It can actually be quite common.So here I was thinking what a bummer, after I had paid so much for this little dog I am now discovering to my horror that he cannot even be bred. Im thinking I just lost 1800 dollars. Thats when Elonda told me to send the dog back, and that she would refund his medical costs, his shipping costs, and his price. She patted herself on the back time and again about her policies, and how no other breeder would ever pay those costs.I was sad that he would have to go, but releived at the same time. I was suprised that I was to receive my money back. She wasnt interested in my releif, she was hateful and rude. She went out of her way to create notes on her facebook and bash my innocence and ignorance openly, as to why I was such an ignorant girl, how I could dare discuss dry eye on facebook. She declared that she never wanted to speak to me again once she received her puppy.Then came the months of waiting for money. FIrst she promised to pay back the costs. She sent money for his medical bills and told me I would be eating the shipping costs. And as promised, I received a 300 dollar money order for medical bills only and she sent nothing for the shipping. She continued to complain and I reminded her that I paid for the dog, I paid her for shipping the dog to me, I DNA’d the dog at my expense, I microchipped him, I paid for all his medical bills, I then paid for shipping back to her. And she has the dog. She is the clear winner here. Since then she has again placed the dog. The amount she received for this puppy the second time hasnt been disclosed to me.Then she offered me a full grown female dog in exchange for payments owed. It was evident money wasnt going to be forthcoming anytime soon so I accepted the deal.Then she removed the offer from the table a few days later. Saying she felt I wouldnt be satisfied with any dog from her. ….ok? whatever. I hoped she would then send the money if that was the case. Wrong.Then the dog was offered again. I again accepted the deal. Later still, she changed her mind again and the dog was removed from the table. Time just ticked on. Later still the dog became pregnant and I was to have pick of the litter. Later still she changed her mind. Mind you this is with ZERO correspondence from me. She made her mind up and changed her mind faster than a person changes underwear. It was a daily thing with her. And her mood swings…. I received daily messages in my facebook inbox that went from pleasant to down right hateful, based on her myriad of other court cases that were currently playing out in court. People were sueing her, she was sueing people. Based on the days results would determine her frame of mind and that would determine how nasty my emails were from this woman.Once her brood of black puppies were born she decided that none of her dogs would be the right size for me. She wanted to offer me their mother again. Once I agreed she claimed her husband told her no, that he didnt want me to have that dog. I asked her for a refund at that time. Five months ago the refund was for 1800 dollars. I assumed that is what the price would be. WRONG. Dont ever just assume Mrs Elonda Womack of Classy Paws Shih Tzu would be upstanding, or honor her own word. I received a payment of 900. and then a second money order of 500 which she scrawled PAID IN FULL across the bottom. She requested that we do not have any further communication. I felt I was receiving a bargain. I would accept the 400 dollar loss to not have to deal with her bouts of hysteria any longer.I let the matter go, blocked her from my facebook, and refused to respond to her many emails and text messages as she attempts to incite an argument from me again. I just ignore her kindergarden tirades. My motto is forgive and forget. I would let it go. After all it isnt her fault this cute little puppy later grew up to have problems, and honestly, we both lost money on him. He just wasnt meant to be. So I washed my hands of the problem.Until today. She has begun her insane emailing again. She cyber stalks me, trying to insert her nose in other dealings of mine, bad mouthing breeder after breeder that I have purchased a dog from, or sold a dog to. She just cant let it go. Nasty email after nasty email. She claims she thinks I caused harm to the puppy which later turned into DRY EYE. I have it clearly documented from the vets office when first he was taken in that there was NO TRAUMA, NO INJURY whatsoever on the puppys eye, he simply dosnt produce enough tears.I felt I have taken enough. I have read so many other reports about her on Ripoff Scams that mirror the harrasment I have taken from her. When there are multiple accounts of the same complaint regarding this woman you have to stop and think that maybe there is some truth to it.Tread carefully when dealing with the likes of Mrs Elonda Womack. You have been warned.

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