Closeout Solution Shlomo (Sunny) Moalem Toby Clark

Closeout Solution Shlomo (Sunny) Moalem Toby Clark Review

Report Filed: Closeout Solution Shlomo (Sunny) Moalem Toby Clark scammer liar lying describe product in new condition in retail box then send all defective poor condition products! Fair Lawn New Jersey!!

On July 23rd we made a big purchase $140k products from closeout solution, they declared their products are in brand new condition and in retail box, I have the proof on both online chatting and email history, after we made the purchase, it turned out to be the scam and we received all defective electronics which totally have no value at all same as junk! closeout solution ceo Shlomo (Sunny) Moalem refuse honor the guarantee that they told us before we made the purchase and refuse accept the return from us, so we have to file the credit card dispute against them, but until now closeout solution still not resolve the issues and ended all communication with us. closeout solution making excuses saying we are aware what we are purchased is customer returned products(products we received cannot even call returned products, all defective junks poor condition all broken), but before they sell to me they told me everything is high quality, brand new condition and in retail box no need to fix, we receive the products same as junks people that throw away. totally scam and not as described. we make 95k by credit card and 48k by bank transfer to them and we received our shipment missing 3 pallets and we found all products are defective we refuse closeout solution to send us the missing pallets and get 11k refund for missing pallets after weeks and try to push them every day, we contact them ask to return all the products back to them get refund because it is totally not as the CEO promised to us. they refused to do so and ended communication with us and we force to file credit card dispute against them but they still have our 37k bank transfer payment I guess that is why they are not worry about anything at all since everything they sent to us has basically no value at all! all we want to do is return the products back to them and get our money back, we told closeout solution we are willing to pay the shipping they the CEO has no willing to resolve the issue, by the way they charge illegal credit fee also! we need help from anyone who is being ripped off from this company to file a joint lawsuit against them together or any lawyer can contact us regarding our case. Other people if you see closeout solution or Shlomo (Sunny) Moalem or their sales toby clark, stay away from them! do not become next victims like us, they are all scammers!! Young REDLANDS, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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