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Cobblestone Park Apartments Review

Report Filed: Cobblestone Park Apartments Office staff has not guaranteed its part of the contract and cuts corners where ever possible Manvel, Texas!!

The Cobblestone Parks Apartment complex has cut corners at every turn and has not guaranteed the end of the contract. By the date of move in, they had not ensured the unit was properly cleaned and ready for new tenants. There was cobwebs in the corners of rooms, dirt and droppings all over the baseboards as well as in the pantry, the laundry room doors were barely functional, and the dryer heating duct was ripped in several places.Furthermore, after being their only a couple of days, it was determined that there was a roach infestation problem. This was, of course, brought to the attention of the property manager, who essentially said that she was not surprised because the previous tenants had been utterly disgusting. She then explained the reason it was not determined prior to move in (and the reason the unit was not properly cleaned) was because they had been understaffed and couldn’t get to everything, which is entirely unacceptable. To top this off, she offered no compensation for failing to uphold her portion of the contract and only reluctantly agreed to provide a different unit if fogging and extermination did not remedy the roach problem. In addition to the initial problems, the maintenance crew is either improperly informed or incompetent because when they were sent to take care of several of the problems presented to the staff, they only half way completed the job. For instance, they came and added a couple screws to the fold-out laundry door but walked away leaving it barely hanging to the sliding track and had to be called back a second time to finish the job. Finally, the biggest issue is that the office has made promises that it now fully intends not to keep. When informed that the unit was not cleaned, they promised to have someone out the following Monday to clean it, however, no one ever showed up. Then when told again about the issue in conjunction with the roach problem, they promised to get someone out there as soon as possible, which never happened. Therefore, the day before the set date to fog the unit, the office was called and told that they needed to clean the apartment before it was fogged. Again they promised to do so and again they failed to follow through. Now the apartment can not be cleaned for 2 weeks without ruining the effects of the fogging, meaning it will be a whole month after the move in before they can even attempt to finally clean the apartment.The property management is doing everything it can to not have to do anything at all to fix the problems that are their own fault and show a general lack of concern or care for their tenants.

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