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Report Filed: Consumer Priorty Service CPS Don’t Buy this warranty Flagstaff New York!!

I picked up a Nikon SLR camera from Camera Kings in New York and was advised to take the premium warranty which included yearly service for cleaning and any repairs over 5 years. Needed a repair recently and I called CPS. I set up my repair order to send in my camera, and soon thereafter I checked the internet ratings and the BBB (a B- rating for CPS!). When you look at the independent ratings, they are not good. This company simply ships all cameras out and then send them back to the consumer when they are repaired. You will not be able to talk to anyone who knows anything about professional level cameras (or any camera for that matter). I have talked to 2 people at CPS–both were rude–the last one being especially so –and I am a professional who is always polite. Enough said- This is not a major complaint from me because clearly I have no intention of sending in my camera to CPS ( I don’t want to lose it!) and I will have it repaired locally. Best advise- don’t buy the warranty from CPS on an internet purchased camera or if you already have and it is not a major repair or replacement, then get your repair done at a local professional camera shop and write your $300 off on the CPS warranty.

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