Continental Sewing in Lexington KY

Continental Sewing in Lexington KY Review

Report Filed: Continental Sewing in Lexington KY Comitted Fraud; Lexington, Kentucky!!

Continental Sewing sells sewing and embroidering machines. Do NOT buy anything from this company, you will not only be robbed but they do not service their products as they are supposed to do. The owner’s name is Ronald Croucher and he is a thief! I bought a nine thousand dollar machine from this place, and now Ronald the owner will not service the machine, even thought it is NEW and under warranty. When I requested the owner service my machine which has been torn up for a month now he cursed me and told me to go to H _ _ _. That he didn’t give a F _ _ _ about my machine. I had to contact the company that made the machine which is Brother. If you plan on buying a sewing machine or an embroidery machine find another company. If you deal with Continental Sewing you will get burned and I promise you that you will regret buying anything from this person!When I bought my machine from Continental Sewing I was supposed to receive free software and a scanner. The software came directly from Brother but Continental Sewing was supposed to give the scanner to me at time of purchase, but he did not offer me the scanner. At the time I was under the impression that the scanner would come from Brother along with the software, it was later when I contacted Brother to find out when I would get my scanner did I find out the owner Ronald was suppose to give the scanner to me.Ronald the owner talks bad about his customers behind their backs and makes promises he does not keep. The machines he sells are covered under the company warranty and as a authorized Brother dealership he is supposed to provide the service but that never happens. Ronald Croucher is a thief, unprofessional, nasty and treats his customers like trash AFTER he gets your money!Save yourself heartache and pain and pass Continental Sewing by when you want to make a purchase.Ronald

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