Contractors for kids

Contractors for kids Review

Report Filed: Contractors for kids Promised me housing till March 31st and put me in the street feb1 after priming me a down payment and calling a moving co to move me then leaving disabled mom and 2 disabled children in street Islanda New York!!

Deb and Steven Deluca meet with me in January at the holiday inn express in Centereach Long Island , where they were housing me, disabled mom and 2 disabled children until March 31st. On January 16th 2017 they informed me, with no disability advocate in room that me and my children had to leave and that they would give $5,186 and pay for move out of hotel and items in storage if I was to find a home. I have all emails stating this transfer as well. I agreed found a home and wrote and called several times both Deb and Steven deluca ignored my calls, never recvd the chk they promised and my children and I were left in street. They claim to help people, to be a charity, I did not go to th for help, they called me and offered me a hotel to go to, after services for the underserved put my family in illegal housing.

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