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Report Filed: Copart Class Action Lawsuites against Copart? Oregon!!

I wonder if anybody is doing a class action lawsuit against Copart. This National car auction site has sold this summer thousands of vehicles damaged by hail in Colorado. They are still doing it now. Almost all of them were sold as u201cClean Titleu201d. That makes a huge difference in price. I purchase three of them for me and my family. I know of others who have done the same. When the title was generated in Oregon it was branded Totaled. The insurance companies selling the cars thru Copart branded the title. Out of 6 cars I know from people around me, only one came as advertised, Clean Title. The rest came as Salvage, Reconstructed or Totaled. I cannot believe there are not thousands of people ripped off, and I wonder if anybody is doing a class action lawsuit.

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