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Report Filed: Corporate Security Mr Parker, Mr Greene, Mr Malone, Mr Ortega, Mr Morgan, also as Ms Kennedy, Ms Valary, Ms Monica, Ms Janice, Ms Maria Stole My Last Dime Scamed Me and When I Came Back They Couldn’t Help Me Told Me To Leave New York , New York!!

I went to a Security Company and these people are a scam. These people go under many different names and numbers.I was looking for a job a couple of weeks ago I called an advertisement on Craigslist an the Am new York Since I noticed that they were several posting, I assumed that they were a honest and thrust worthy company. But I was wrong not only did they take my last penny that I had borrowed but they informed me that after paying $598.00 Dollars, I would start working right away on Tuesday after I took the training they gave me.They the gave me the run a round and sending me to several companies that were not hiring. These companies also informed me that they had no connections and affiliations with corporate security.He are some of the the names that these scamers go by DON’T GET SCAMMEDMR PARKER, MR GREENE, MR MALONE, MR ORTEGA, MR MORGAN, MR MAXWELL, MR DIAZ MS KENNEDY, MS VALARY, MS JANICE, MS MONICA, MS MARIAHERE ARE SOME OF THEIR NUMBERS TOO: 212-470-0983; 212-470-9029; 212-470-9539; 212-470-4129; 212-470-3592; 646-262-0547; 646-283-1193 347-481-6488; 347-557-5283; 347-600-7537; 347-276-6640; 347-752-1086; 347-570-5474; 718-781-0741 718-600-4447; 347-533-3926; 347-254-8715; 718-864-2234; 917-327-6409 DON’T GET RIPPED OFF OR SCAMMED!!!!!

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