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Report Filed: Courier Post Jim Walsh Corrupt Reporter Cherry Hill New Jersey!!

Jim Waslsh of the Courier Post should be under a Federal Investigtion for Accepting Bribes and Kickback from South Jersey Political Boss who pays these low life editors money to write negative stories misleading stories about people they want to punish. To make matters worse, this dried up Political Machine who may already be under investigation for kickbacks and pay to play is also paying off a certain federal judge that the Courier Post ONCE reported on before it became corrupt. The story below was written by the Richard Pearsall who is no longer with the courier Post. The story is about a Federal Judge who has cases transfered from other judges sent to Simandle that are cases against The political Boss of SJ and his allies. The political boss has Simandle Toss the cases to protect him and his corrupt allies. The story was removed by Walsh who also was paid to write a story of this Corrupt Judge tossing another case that was against the political boss. What a disgrace by this CORRUPT JUDGE JEROME SIMANDLE AND A GREEDY, UNETHICAL OLD REPORTER WHO SOLD OUT FOR A QUICK BUCK. Jim Walsh is an embarassment to journalism and should be fired for his unethical racist reporting. Majority of lawsuit against power broker tossed out In tapes central to the case, George E. Norcross was heard bragging about his influence over political leaders at every level. Written by RICHARD PEARSALL Courier-Post Staff A federal judge Friday dismissed the bulk of a lawsuit filed against Democratic power broker George E. Norcross and others in connection with the so-called Palmyra tapes, but allowed one part of the 4-year-old suit to proceed. U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle ruled that the plaintiffs, Moorestown attorney Ted Rosenberg and Palmyra Mayor John Gural, failed to demonstrate “any harm to their “”business or property’ as a plaintiff is required to show under the federal RICO laws.”” Rosenberg and Gural filed suit under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act

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