Cypress Creek Labradors

Cypress Creek Labradors Review

Report Filed: Cypress Creek Labradors He is a very good talker, very confident…but a snake in the grass. Florence, Alabama!!

I had Paul, the owner of CCL, train one of my labradors. Paul seemed very knowlegable and confident that he could help me achieve the results I wanted with my dog. He supposedly had a kennel that my dog was boarded in..which i never got to see. Instead my dog was kept in a pin (along with about five other dogs) on the side of his house in his neighborhood. I had already been training my dog and his obedience work was pretty solid. Paul was going to force fetch my dog and teach him to run doubles and triples. Paul kept my dog for about 3 months before i caught on and discovered that I was being ripped off. I made several trips back and forth to “work”” with the dog. However

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