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Report Filed: Dagar Group Amalgamated Realty Seized of 300k of Restaurant Equipment Fishkill New York!!

We owned Peza Bistro in Heritage Plaza in Hopewell Jct., NY for over 3 years, sold to a new owner who could not make it as well. We worked with the landlord and Dagar Group to try and sell the remaining equipment which we hold note to. Recently new owners – Amalgamated Realty have bought the Plaza and have refused to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement on the over 300K equipment, they are taking the position the equipment was abandoned and they now own it! As a small local business owner from Hopewell Jct., we have limited resources to fight a large company and this injustice in court, we need the local communities help! Dagar Group all along led us to believe they were working with us to both lease the space and help us sell the contents of the restaurant. When I offered to remove it they said they had an interested party to buy it. In turn new owners came in and said they now own our equipment that we spent of 300k and 4 years of hard work. Do not, if possible frequent Heritage Plaza to send a message to the new owners! Do not rent a store or business there, the plaza is too far off the main road and does not have the foot traffic to support most businesses! Send a message to the new owners to do the right thing and negotiate a fair deal with a local small business owner!

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