Dan Casey with Pro Built

Dan Casey with Pro Built Review

Report Filed: Dan Casey with Pro Built Took about 70% of the payment but has only completed 20% of the job. He will not respond to call in any way. Louisburg Kansas!!

Dan Casey seemed like the nicest and most trustworthy guy you could ever meet. I chose him to put up a simple 40X50 pole barn because he made me felt at ease you can tell he really knows his stuff. He started in May 2015 and at this point in late October 2015, all I have are columns and some wall girts up. I have paid approximately 70% of the cost of the building and have about 25% of the work done. I have called and called and he just ignores my phone calls and texts. I really want to trust him but he has not given me a reason to yet. It is hard to imagine that he is being fraudelant but at this point, I am not sure if it is fraud or mismanagement of his customers. Both are terrible and it has caused us a ton of stress and our horse business has suffered. I really hate to do it but I have had to hire an attorney.

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