D'Andre Desings

D'Andre Desings Review

Report Filed: D’Andre Desings Damien D’andre, Skippy Trailer, SkippyTrailer Took my money and over 40 other peoples money for custom painting work! Mesa, Arizona!!

I sent this guys $450 worth of work, parts from my Dodge Magnum, The parts that were sent were parts that were being custom painted, after 3 months of no contact I had to threaten legal action on him, he then responded to me, after 2 more months he responded again and still no parts, it took about 10 months to get my parts back from him. When I did receive my items, they were very badly packaged and the paint work was bubbled up and chipped. These were parts for a show car so this was uncalled for. I’m part of LXForums along with about 40 others between LXForums and GTO and Mustang forums and Facebook that this guy has ripped off. Many people have sent the money but not received the parts. This guy is a thief and has stolen alot of money! I contacted him about fixing my items and he informed he would not. I had to repay a local shop to re-due his work. He is still selling on E-Bay under the same name and will not ship parts.

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