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Report Filed: Daniel Shayallen Doyle – Dan Doyle scam home improvement contractor, threatens people after he scams them, does no work, no skills, bogus Angie’s Listing Woburn, Massachusetts!!

Dan Doyle of Doyle Remodeling Corporation signed a contract to pipe a steam by oil boiler for me. He asked for $1122 to buy the iron and copper pipes, expansion tank, automatic water feed and other supplies he supposedly needed to complete the work the following week. I met him at his home on Saturday, 1 October 2011 to give him a check for the supplies. Within minutes of receiving the check, he went to the Bank to cash it. When he did not show up on Monday to do the work, I called him several times but he did not pick up the phone. That afternoon he sent me an email saying that he had gone to the job site and someone there threatened to kill him and smashed his phone when he went to call the Police. When I asked at what time he went there, he said he was there at 7:15 AM. Immediately that raised suspicion in my mind because the plumbing supply stores usually do not open till 7 AM and he could not have gotten those supplies on Sunday or Saturday after he cashed my check. We made arrangements to meet on Tuesday so I coule be there while he was working. Needless to say, he never showed up and did not pick up his phone (including another number he had given me). At that point, I asked for my money back. He offered to return it by mail but has not mailed a check and has no intentions of mailing a check. I went to his house several times but he did not answer the door even though his truck was in the driveway. I put a review for his Company on Yelp and a woman e-mailed me saying that she had a similar experience with him and he had actually threatened to kill her. She was obviously very scared. I had given him the job because his price was a little bit lower than anyone else (obvious now because he had no intentions of doing any work) and because he was listed on Angies List. When I contacted Angie’s List , they indicated that he has scammed hundreds of people and some for tens of thousands of dollars. But they were unwilling to take him off their database allowing him to continue scamming other people just so Angies List can continue to collect membership fees. Talk about these databases to be socially responsible. Calling all people who have been scammed by Dan Doyle or Doyle Remodeling Corporation of 49 Wood Street, Woburn, MA 01801. Please put your reviews here and all over the internet and prevent Dan from scamming other people. Do not trust his references. His references are all bogus. Please contact me before you give Dan a penny of your hard earned money. Dan does not even own a screwdriver. He comes in cheaper than other people because he has no intention of doing any work. The only work he does is cash your check. Once he cashes your check, you will never hear from him again. He is a scam artist. He will take your calls while he is trying to get your check. After that he disappears. His “Angies List”” listing is bogus. Even Angies List knows that he is a big fraud. He is NOT licensed or insured. Do not listen to his excuses that his business card and his insurance information and his licenses are in his other work truck. He does not own any other work truck nor does he have a real business address or a workshop. His references are all crooks just like him. They include Jerry and or Al 617-888-6405 Jennifer 978-479-6177 [email protected] [email protected] Larry: [email protected] He drives a bright orange Chevrolet 2500 HD truck with orange flashing lights with Massachusetts Commercial plates N25540. He is white

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