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Davison Design & Development Review

Report Filed: Davison Design & Development, Davison Inventegration scam Ripoff Pittsburgh Pennsylvania*Update.. Ripoff Scams Investigation: Davison Design and Development (Davison Inventegration) pledges to resolve all complaints and address any issues with customer service, commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction – commitment from Mr Davison and other executives, inventors should feel confident in trusting Davison’s commitment to their project..!!

Please, be careful of Davison. They claim to be an invention development company that will take your idea to market, but in actuallity, they are fast talkers that try to seperate people from their money. I submitted a design idea to Davison, over the internet. A couple of days later I received a phone call from the, “Director of New Products””. He told me that his team thought it was a great idea and that they would like to work with me to design and develop my idea. They sent me legal looking documents and some impressive looking literature on their company. A week later we spoke again and he told me how their engineers were excited about getting started on my idea and they had been brainstorming on other uses for the product. He had metioned their $685.00 fee previously

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