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Report Filed: DDI Painting Co A XCOP Rip Me Off San Pedro Califorina 90731 California!!

I am a painting contractor in so califorina , i Bid a job to repaint the siding and facia only . gave the man the estimate , two weeks later he calls . Asked if i could add on the retaining fence , to be cleared coated , at the same time . I never told him a price, for the fence , the house and garage was , 835.00 . We are clear on that . after i painted the house and garage . He liked the way i worked , and ask me to put the clear on the fence . I told him sure , and i will charge him 200.00 . He agreed and went to home depot and bought 3 gallons of clear water base . After i sprayed the fence , ( both side , and another gate and fence. both sides , I cleaned up my airless , and gave him my invoice , 1035.00 . He went in the house , for about 10 mins . came out and handed me a check , and Said . I Quote , i am deducting 100.00 dollars for the steps in the other side of the backyard i didn’t treat . At that time i had just told him no problem , As he make a remark , Take me to court if you want , noing that he is a 70 yr old ret dective . I said , i am not like that if i have a problem we just work it out . So i took my check went to the bank and deposited it . By the time i got home , 30 mins later , this is what i herd on my answering maching . Greg , This is Rodger Fox , you left my 3 empty gallons of paint in his rycliel can , and i dont think thats how you dispoise of that stuff , and for doing that i am putting a stop payment on the check of 935.00 That was i Quote ( OVER THE TOP / CANS AND NOT DOING THE BACK STEPS . I NOT PAYING FOR THE HOLE JOB AND HE WONT RETURN ANY OF MY CALLS . OR ANSWER HIS DOOR .

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