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Report Filed: Deepak Kumar Fraudster, Manipulates Website, Changes Log In Credentials, Installs Malware Solan, India Internet!!

We hired Deepak Kumar through his Upwork profile. He was hired for mobile site and development for our service site. Things looked good at first. He has a problem understanding instructions and needed us to restate instructions 3-5 times per feature before he could complete it. So a lot of patience was needed. Once he completed the initial site, he was asked for further changes and was given new instructions again. He took much more time and the changes were implemented poorly. Yesterday night he meant he got everything ready and was about to upload it. When we woke up in the morning, we noticed that Deepak Kumar had diminished our site. He also changed our log in credentials and installed malware. This person is a true fraudster, a criminal and should not be trusted!

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