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Report Filed: Dequishan Medical Supplies h. Kinsman Payment Processors and Collection Agent Internet!!

Mr. Kinsman recruited me to assist in collection of a payment and processing to their company in china. I advised him that I would not participate in any type of merging or mingling of personal funds with collected funds. I was advised to contact the company from which I was to collect. Kinsmann had already made arrangements, contrary to earlier statements. I received a check from the client and was told to deposit the check and forward funds to Kinsman after the check had cleared. I was advised to contact Mr. Moore at clients office to get a release of the funds. He did not respond to email or voicemail. I advised kinsman, who took no action. After 4 days, I advised Kinsman that nothing had been done and he advised that I would not be paid. I was terminated without further discussion. I have heard nothing since. this was late October 2015

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