Diana Albrecht, Extra-Freight ,PVT LTD

Diana Albrecht, Extra-Freight ,PVT LTD Review

Report Filed: Diana Albrecht, Extra-Freight ,PVT LTD I found an ad in Horsetopia advertising a good deal on a horse trailer. Then when you contact they send you to this bogus website to pay money to a 3rd party ,Extra-Freight,PVT LTD. It is an internet scam. UK Internet!!

I saw an ad for a stock trailer at a great price. Actually I wondered why the person didn’t sell it to a DEALER at that price rather than bother with all this ESCROW b/s, but I inquired. Then I was directed to go to a WEBSITE and sign up as a user. This website had a semi-professional appearance, some misspelled words, BUT had NO PHONE NUMBERS or ADDRESSES. That is extremely suspicious. Plus it is in UK. So I looked up the URL on Ask.com and found out it is an internet scam. I wonder why authorities aren’t more interested in finding and imprisoning these guys instead of just deleting their ads. They just go to another online advertiser and continue with their deceit. Fred Sunnyvale, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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