Do-Bid & Ely auction services

Do-Bid & Ely auction services Review

Report Filed: Do-Bid & Ely auction services jay and Don do-bid bids against bidders to raise prices then when he sells you a lot you dont get all what you pay for ely Minnesota!!

Jay at do-bid auction company promises high prices for you stuff to get it he bids against people bidding againt his own bidders so if your trying to buy something and you keep getting bid up you can bet it could be the owner jay bidding you up jay also goes by ely auction services He should lose his auction lic And it gets worse i went into the store in Ely and bought an entire collection of pez units and dispensers for over 1000 dollars and an entire collection of mc donald toys since I was a summer resident to the city the week after I left minnasota to go back to florida the pez despensers he hand pick out start to show up on do-bids site even though I bought the entire collection . I should have known better to trust a used car salesman anyone else who have had issues with do-bid / ely auction services please contact me this company should lose there auction lic. when I went to the owner of do-bid Don he said he did not condon or like the way jay did buisness but did nothing about it . DO NOT BUY OR LIST ANYTHING WITH DO-BID.COM

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