Report Filed: deal of the day genie DODGENIE, False advertisement and will not return email on how to return products Internet!! I ordered an interesting device, its some kind of small radioactive light that suppose to burn up to 10 years with no other energy source. The advertisement showed a product with a light that was bright and its on a key chain which you attach keys to and if you dropped your keys you could find them, well the so called light is not a light its a glow device that is so dim you take it out side in the dark and cup your hand together you might see it. Anyway the whole deal is on there site that have a return policy that states you can return the product but you have to get an RMA number, I have emailed every email address on that site and no response, there is no phone number to contact them with either. Its the fact that they advertise a product thats nothing close to the real thing that they send you and when you try to contact them back you get no response.

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