Dr. Corey Priesman Alta bates Herrick hospital

Dr. Corey Priesman Alta bates Herrick hospital Review

Report Filed: Dr. Corey Priesman Alta bates Herrick hospital Only Interested in experimenting on clients berkely ca!!

Last year I was a pacient at Herrick In berkely ca. I was told to come to this ir responsable hospital when ever I feel the need to. I followed their instructions and regret every moment of it. when I checked in i thought I was in the right place and that I was going to recive the help I needed. I spoke with a doctor and the other people and social workers. I checked my self in becuase I was very sad alone and swamped with legal problems. I was depressed due to the legal problems. I waited for him all day after being told he would be here so early in the morning they nures also didn’t listen to me by this day everyone except the snack guy were speaking to me like I was dumb. Finally this guy rolls in late. I was ready to get out of there. While waiting for him to speak to me I walked up to him and he looks at me as if I lost my mind. I guess maybe standing up to follow you into which ever door your taking me in is a violation of your space. I don’t know what he flashed me that look for. It was off putting but couldn’t wait to tell him hey I’m fine now please adjust my meds and send me on my way. I wish I couldv’e recorded the conversation becuase he kept speaking down to me the whole time. I laughed it off then he asked me when This depression started. I said a couple of years ago when I went to pick up a VHS tape and ended up calling the company I use and they stopped manufacturing the type I like at their facility and referred me to some one else and before I could finish what I was saying he flashes me this look Like I am a physco path or somthing and as if I was trash. I guess he assumed I was ignorant and Didn’t know how to use a dvd player. He skipped over the part where i was GOING TO SAY the other manufacturer Sent me a tape that BROKE MY VCR that I use for my projects. I then TRIED to explain to him I have several dvd players but the type to record off of television I can not use at this time and then he says yes you can jut use your dvd player as if he knows what its like to be in my life. He doesnt not seem to under stand that I am in the film and entertainment indusrty. He also doesnt seem to know most dvd players do not have a recorder on them. He then says just uses my dvr as if Im an idiot. He asked me a question this is not 20 quest this is nt a game you ask me a question I begin to answer you cut me off and tell me what to do. He wouldn’t let me explain the film project I was working on simply becuase he doesn’t nor will he care. Sorry That made him so stuck on himself and what HE THINKS. This guy was unbelivably judgmental. When he asks my psychiatric history i told him I had been seen since i was 3 years old due to being molested he then cuts me off and says yeah right. I looked at him then he says how do you even remember when you that young. then starts to bully me into telling him what happend before i do i say this is not what I checked my self infore I am depressed becuase of my legal problems and my disablitity. “But you cant remeber”” “”ACTUALLY I CAN REMMEBER IN 1989 IN EMERYVILLE CA I STATED THE GUYS NAME AND TIME OF DAY IT HAPPENED “” HE CHUCKLES AND LAUGHS Even though I said I didn’t want to discuss it. so by him experimenting on my mind he finally let me go just like any other sexual predator would. becuase he got what he wanted. After the meeting with him I felt awful and fell asleep having the worst night mare I ever experinced having flash backs I hadnt had in quite some time due to the fact it happend IN 1989! I told a (((REDACTED))) nures what happend she automatically defends him and says its like a ticking time bomb he needed to get it out of you. I said actually i am ALRAEDY IN COUSLING FOR THIS ISSUE HE WOULD LISTEN TO WHY I WAS HERE! then she just walks away. After another night mare i ended up cracking my two front teeth due to the worse ever teeth grinding episode I have ever experinced. this is a samll snipett of what happend between this loser Cory Priesman and I I had to shorten it. But I had to post something becuas every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of this jerk. Two permenitame cracks on my teeth that CAN NOT BE FIXED! the only options out there is not for me. I sincerly hope he experinces tradgedy in his life greater than two cracked teeth. seeing as I am in the entertainment industury all I had in live was my voice and looks which is largely based upon my big white teeth and big smile which I am known for as i have been on cover of magazines and get paid work to perofrm and model. It can’t be fixed. Iv’e been to dentist I’m not the idiot he made me out to be

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