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Report Filed: Dr Mark Gillespy Gillespy Orthopedic Beware! Leg falls off after Hip Replacement! Daytona Money Man Dr Mark Gillespy! Malpractice. Daytona Beach, Florida!!

Attention! Anyone considering having Orthopedic Surgery in Daytona Beach by DR Mark Gillespy. Dr Gillespy performed a Total Hip Replacement on me in June of 2011. He broadcast the surgery live on the internet and fielded questions from viewers while performing the surgery. He used my surgery a way to sell his services and it was broadcast live and then placed on the Hospitals website 24/7 for a year for people who wanted to give him 50K to do a 45 surgery on them… Here is the problem. DR MARK GILLESPY, the well known, often consulted, son of Thurman Gillespy and member of the prominent Gillespy Orthopedic Surgeon family in Daytona, is nothing more than a cash hound who did my surgery, got his money and vanished out of contact when MY LEG/HIP FELL OFF OF MY BODY while walking at home. I had complained to him after 8 months that I was having pain in my right thing, and he said ” dont worry about it””. By August this year

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