Dr. Nathan S. Walters

Dr. Nathan S. Walters Review

Report Filed: Dr. Nathan S. Walters Interventional Spine and Pain Unprofessional, misleading, untrustworthy, No X-Ray Dallas Texas!!

My wife and I both went to Mr. Walters (I refuse to call him a Dr.) He was dishonest with both of us. My wife has was told she needed injections for her spinal stenosis. She received one and was helped perhaps 10% for a few days. We sought out a second opinion, this Dr. taking X-rays (Mr. Walters did NOT, only an MRI, which DOES NOT TELL THE WHOLE STORY) and told us that she also had a dislocated vertebrae, and would definitely need surgery to correct this (a third opinion confirmed this). as an injection was only a “Band-Aid”” and a temporary one at best. Yeah

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