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Report Filed: dr. nicole chitnis dr. nicole chitnis dr nicole chitnis is works for all the insurance companies, fraud, bought and paid for by insurance co. palo alto, Internet!!

First of all as a proud minority, I don’t like to see when minorities deny or worse, lie about their nationality. When I run into a minority, doctor or otherwise, I ask them where they come from, etc. Her resume said she grew up in India and looked so. Therefore, when I asked her, she said she was white. I laughed. In between her blue contacts and brown skin, that was a joke. I guess that is why she denied my claim and only got a 1% rating for a life altering disability deserving of at least 50%+. If you see her name on the panel, run. Choose another doctor. She goes all the way to prove to prove to the insurance company her loyalty. Nothing personal, she really stinks too. She doesn’t wear any deodorant. Bad enough for a man, but not for a woman.

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