DR. Ritchie Shoemaker, Ritchie Shoemaker

DR. Ritchie Shoemaker, Ritchie Shoemaker Review

Report Filed: DR. Ritchie Shoemaker, Ritchie Shoemaker Dr. Ritchie ShoeMaker, Dr. Shoemaker Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s Protocol is a Fraud when it come to Mold pokmoke Maryland!!

Ok so I did my research and thought I was going to God himself when it came to Mold Exposure. I was excited, finally I came to someone who understood my condition. Finally he walked into the room, I went to say hello an how glad I was to finally meet him, instead, he raise his hand and motioned to me to shut me up and I was then told u201cI am the Doctor, you will not speak, I will ask the questions and you will answer them, with either a yes or a no. Here I think Iu2019m going to get help and instead he belittles both me and my father to our faces. He told me the u201cShoemaker Protocolu201d was the cure to my illness, and that I should be grateful that he had an opening to see me. At this point I tried to say thank you and he stopped me from talking again, I began to cry, my father got mad. I blurted out what did all these tests they gave me mean, he told me that I did not need to know, as the tests were important to only him, and I couldnu2019t understand them any way so it would just be a waste of this time. He did not spend more than 7 minutes with me. The nurse brought in some papers and gave me a prescription for u201cCholestyramineu201d. I filled my prescription began to take the medication and got even sicker. I stopped taking it and went to another Dr. for help. This is the most arrogant human being I have ever met. I have found out heu2019s also lost his license to practice medicine. If youu2019re sick from mold donu2019t go anywhere near Dr. Ritchie Shoe maker heu2019s a con and a thief to the tune or $2,500 total cash, personally I hope he never sees another patient ever, he is disgusting.

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