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Report Filed: Driven Auto Sales Eric Carmack Driven Auto Sales Eric Carmack Driven Auto Sales sold me a car online that they misrepresented . The car was stated as being All Original It is not. Silex Missouri!!

I found a 1973 Buick Riviera online being sold by Driven Auto Sales of Sikex MO. Owner Is Eric Carmack. The car as stated on the windshield was 56,000 miles, All Original. Conversations with sales staff and Mr Carmack indicated one owner etc. Further the VIN number I was given indicated a rare Stage 1 option pkg. Lastl, I asked multiple times does everything work ? Given the affirmative on the VIN and working mechanicals I purchased the car for the offered price of $8,500. Upon receiving the car at my home i immediately noticed that the VIN plates did not match the Missouri Title and Bill of Sale they had sent me. The car did not have the Stage 1 option pkg. Also, the air conditioning system was inoperable and missing parts. A call to the previous owner listed in the title indicated that he was not the original owner. Also that he had blown the engine doing Smokey burnouts and had replaced it with an engine from a 1972 Buick I attempted to speak to Mr Carmack regarding all of this but he was exceptionally rude, agitated and hostile. I was not allowed to state my case , suggest a resolution or speak at all. He repeatedly said, ship it back, ship it back I have 50 customers for it And a 1973, a 73, a 73 what did you expect I expected the car to be what the had represented it to be All original 56,000 miles on ALL components All mechanicals operable I expected a vehicle that matched the VIN code. I expected a title that matched the car VIN plates I did not expect a new car. The paint is every second of 45 years old and I am fine with that. The suspension needs a bunch of parts replaced due to age and I am fine with that. I fully expected a 45 year old car. But I also expected the engine to be the original one. I expected the air conditioning to be portable although I figure it would likely need to be gone over. As to Mr Carmark saying ship it backu009d He did not offer to refund my shipping costs of $1.650 each way. He expected me to lose the $3,300 in shipping charges. For $3,300 I can repair the air conditioning and hope the questionable motor holds up. Also hope the transmission was not damaged when the original motor blew due to abuse. That is my case. You decide how you feel about Driven Auto Sales and Eric Carmack the owner

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