Driver Manager

Driver Manager Review

Report Filed: Driver Manager Driver Support, PC Drivers HeadQuarters Inc. Selling products which are of no use. In the name of installation/activation they got remote access to my Laptop and made quick changes in the system. Did not let me end the remote access. Found out a number of problems with my Laptop and to fix that offerred a package worth $349.99. I am afraid that they have done something wrong with my Laptop. Austin,Texas phone call to India, Kashish Kukkra Internet!!

Selling a Software under “Software Manager”” a useless/worthless program. On the guise of activation they took remote access and quickly made some changes. Wouldn’t let me end the remote access and informed me that my laptop has a large number of problems. They offered a package of $349.99 to fix all the problems. When I did not show my interest

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