DW Planker

DW Planker Review

Report Filed: DW Planker rented 2 yrs took 1200$ depost and wanting 4000.00 more after moving out greenwood in!!

moved in paid on time 2yrs later moved out planker kept 1200.00 deposit then got a collection notice from GLA collection one month later says I owe 4000.00 more. while i ignore this bill my credit took the hit they say the frigde ,stove, carpet,blinds and the washer and dryer i gave them all hauled to landfill at my exspense . the tenant before us lived there 7yrs before us. carpet,fridge were old when we moved in my stove, washer, dryer worked the day we moved out its going to take a judge to make me pay a thief dont rent from dw planker

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