Ebt Review

Report Filed: Earthbound I got a gift that I didn’t want and got it a few hours later and I didn’t want it un opened and they won’t take it back they have such a bad store they let u know u don’t want it we don’t either it’s just wrong why would u treat the people that spend money with u to Mesquite Texas!!

I got a hooka and I don’t smoke I thought it wassomething cool to burn oils and I didn’t use I don’t smoke I opened it then see t hat it was some you smoke ididnteven have any of the other parts to use it buttery won’t takeout backlit says u don’t want it we don’t either nights well say because the return polics says itin some many words theydontgive money back we shouldnt let them sale us things and not accept them back if we are unhappy. I will tell all people don’t shop there for ever.

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