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Report Filed: Elephant Insurance Horrible Customer Service/No accountability Glen Allen; Henrico VA Virginia!!

I became a customer with Elephant Insurance on August 2018 and to be honest I am not having a good experience at all with your company. The first incident, I hit a rough patch and was a little late on making my monthly payment and my normal payment of 111.55 jumped to 156+ dollars, in spite of me contacting you ahead of time and requesting an extension. I made my payment a few days after my payment date when most Insurance companies give you a 10 day grace period. Second incident I needed to utilize the roadside assistance I purchased with you this morning and it took 3 calls and 5 hours total for someone to come. There was no one on Elephants side attempting to take accountability and followup to see if our issue was resolved, nor track the vendor to see if they arrived. I ended up having to call a Lyft to take me to work. I feel that my Family could have easily been stranded on the side of the road, and it would not have made the least bit of difference to Elephant Insurance as long as they got their payment ON TIME. I switched from a company I was with for 5 years and switching again won’t make me a bit of difference.

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