Enlightened Wealth Institute, EWI, Robert Allen

Enlightened Wealth Institute, EWI, Robert Allen Review

Report Filed: Enlightened Wealth Institute, EWI, Robert Allen 3 Day Wealth Seminar Three day seminar is a TOTAL RIPOFF of your TIME!!! Internet!!

Robert Allen offers the three day wealth building seminars and this time…once only they offered it for free….. but… I was so exited about actually being able to go to the three day one at no charge I felt like it was a dream come true!I thought that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity because they usually charge around $4000. for this one.So I guess you wouldn’t call it free when you take 2 days off of work to go to this… being it is 3 eight hour days.I went for 2 of the three when it finally dawned on me that they were mostly telling us great money making stories and weren’t teaching us anything at all!!!I went to the back of the room and called them on it and they said that I would have to pay $25,000.00 if I really wanted their training!!!!!So now you have it…. the fact that they lied, and said that they would be teaching us all of the ropes to making this huge income through real estate… and then teaching us absolutely NOTHING!!!Goes to show that these millionaires don’t consider anyone’s time valuable except their arrogant own!!!!So…. If you don’t have $25 grand laying around, don’t waste your precious time going to these stupid, so called, seminars….THEY ARE A RIP OFF OF YOUR TIME!!!

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