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Report Filed:,,, Darkside Productions accepted payment for advertising, ads never made it online, given numerous reasons why ad was not published, money sitting in account Luzern Luzern!!

I once held the company in high regard due to their longevity in the adult entertinment industry, however things has changed as of this year for the worse resulting in advertising hopefuls being scammed out of payments. I submitted a standard ad that met and exceeded their requirements for ad placement, however several times i was told to send in more documents, each time i did, then i was timd certain photos do not meet their advertising standards. Which were removed, then i was told to send in scanned copy of my ID front and back. this was completed too. it just seemed they had issue after issue after excuse after excuse not to publish my ad. There is no live person to speak with, all and only responses about the issue will be automated, some of their email address are either not working or undelierable. They bounce back to your email inbox, the phone number listed is no longer answered by a live person nor can you leave a message in the que. chat option on the site is not functioning, feedback submitted is never replied to. All and all its a scam, however as consumers we have to put the alert out WORLDWIDE, share your complaint.dispute with as many people as possible. I just would like my money back for ads that never were places online.,,, Darkside Productions are scamming people #erosscam #erosadsscam #erosripoff #erosguidescams #erosguideripoff #darksideproductionscams #darksideproductionsripoff

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