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Report Filed: Essey Tire Cut the wiring harness to the wheel speed sensor on my new truck and offers no solution Belle vernon Pennsylvania!!

Took my 2014 GMC Sierra to get winter tires installed. The truck is less then a year old with 8,000 miles on it And has no problems what so ever when I pulled in. Essey Tire installed my new tires and gave my my keys. I started my truck and noticed the ABS light on and the service stabilitrack light was also on. I got out of the truck and asked the tech what he thought was wrong he replied he had no idea and said he knew they weren’t on when he pulled it in. I made a appointment with the GM dealer I bought the truck from to get the vehicle checked and I notified Essey that I was doing so. The GM dealer proceeds to tell me the wiring harness to the wheel speed sensor had been cut. I called Essey after the appointment to let them know what happened I was told to bring the truck up so they could look at it. Mark from Essey tire inspected the problem and took a picture and said the owner would contact me. I had to call back the following day because he never did get in contact with me. During our conversation he stated that he doesn’t think they did it and he was not going to offer any solution Even though his tech admitted he knew the light was not on when the truck was pulled in. He told me for example if the door handle fell off when he opened the truck door is that his fault. How am I supp to respond to such stupidity? After going round and round he said he wouldn’t do anything for me and that it was a GM problem and not his. Where to go from here??

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