Estatedoctor, Pjd1966, Pamiam003, Pam & Jim Donnelly

Estatedoctor, Pjd1966, Pamiam003, Pam & Jim Donnelly Review

Report Filed: Estatedoctor, Pjd1966, Pamiam003, Pam & Jim Donnelly Ebay scam Ripoff Savannah Georgia!!

I have been investigating Jim & Pam Donnelly (aka estatedoctor) as a concerned citizen and somebody who won an auction on Ebay from estatedoctor in June 2005. The short story is the ring was fake, I initiated a Paypal dispute, and was refunded money. However, they promptly relisted the ring as fine 14k gold and it resold for over $120.00 which was when I began my investigation. First of all, I have found them connected to the following Ebay IDs: PJD1966, thats_all_folks66, jdonnellysr, pamiam003, and estatedoctor. There are probably more. In April 2005, PJD1966 was reinstated but they immediately changed the name to thats_all_folks66. There were so many negatives on that account, they then opened up 2 new Ebay accounts, pamiam003 and estatedoctor. estatedoctor is supposedly someone named Irvin Clark but I believe they are using the name either without the person knowing or this person is in on it too. I also found if you look on Georgia’s state courts website, you can see several past cases against Pam & Jim (James) Donnelly. They owned an auction business at one time. Currently, there are several Ebayers joining together to try and get a case against them. It is a very hard thing to do. Hard evidence is needed and without the actual objects (most people return them or don’t know they are fake), it is hard to prove. It is ones word against another. The Donnellys are not new con artists, they are good at what they do and know how to answer questions so they look perfectly or almost innocent. The Ebay scam is the worst I’ve seen. They know the exact routine. They list mostly junk although every now and then they may list a genuine item. One example is when they recently listed a platinum diamond ring and someone won it for over $1,000. It turned out to be a silver ring and the diamond was a cubic zirconia at best. The buyer then gave them bad feedback. estatedoctor gave bad feedback immediately as retaliation. estatedoctor then told the buyer that they would refund the money but only if the buyer would agree to a mutual withdrawal of feedback. (Ebay allows mutual withdrawal of feedback.) estatedoctor, as of today, has 43 mutually withdrawn feedbacks. This is how the negative feedbacks are kept lower than they should be. It’s a total scam! There’s more to the scam as well. They try to lure buyers into their auction with .99 beginning prices and by stating they are liquidating a Georgia estate. They also act dumb as to what they are auctioning by not putting a good description in the auction. They also keep their listings private so you can’t warn the bidders that they are bidding on a relisted item that is a known fake. It’s all a well thought out plan for the scam. I was lucky – I got my money back but many other Ebayers out there are not getting their money back either because they refuse to remove the bad feedback or they just don’t know what they received was fake. estatedoctor is currently listing many pieces of fake jewelry, fake coins, fake antiques, fake victorian items. Robin Dayton, OhioU.S.A.

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