Fast Towing, Inc.

Fast Towing, Inc. Review

Report Filed: Fast Towing, Inc. Fast Towing is a total scam, I lost my car and I have to pay $2358. las vegas Nevada!!

My car was in an accident on 9/9/2014. I was not the driver at the time of the accident. The car was towed by Fast Towing to their lot. Fast Towing wanted about $550 to release my car. I did not have a job at the time and the car had a broken wheel. I did not have the money to get my car out of the lot and pay additional towing fees to tow the car to a garage. So I sent them an e-mail on 9/11/2014 telling them to keep the car in lieu of payment. Two years later in 2016, a Quantum Collections starts harassing me for $2,358. In their verification of debt letter, they break down the charges in a hand typed spreadsheet with fabricated numbers, they donu2019t fully explain the charges, and my name or Fast Towing are not anywhere on the spreadsheet. They are charging $400 auction prep, liens, and additional storage fees. They claim auctioned off my car for $5 to Las Vegas Truck Salvage. I called Las Vegas Truck Salvage and they denied the purchasing my car and, they said they do not buy any cars at auction. Why is Fast Towing charging me $400 to prep the car for auction when they claim they sold it for $5? What are these liens they are charging? Why is Las Vegas Truck Salvage denying the purchase? How could my car possibly be sold for only $5, the scrap metal alone is worth $450 and the damaged was not extremely severe. On Fast Towingu2019s webpage they advertise auto auctions with cars starting as low as $700. That means that the lowest price auctioned cars sell for is $700. I called several lawyers and they will not help me, I cannot afford to pay these crooks $2,358 and I lost my car. What can I do? Sincerely, Kenneth W

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