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Report Filed: FerdinanRios Hostile work envroment and hazardous work conditions san Antonio, Texas!!

The car wash under Greg Pollock smitted his employees to hazardous work conditions:An Enclosed patio that is on private property,and permission was granted to take our brakes on that patio by the manger of that patio;Carmen martinez -Where it was protection from the enclimate wether , we were not allowed under threatof disiplinary action. When I mentioned how bad it was on us employees Greg Pollock said “You have to change your attidude”” The immediate manger -Joseph Guerra would garnishes our tips even if the customer was satisfied .but he wasnot.Afer resigning with no displinary action agaainst to pursue another venue that was not successful .and return- I was told by HR that I Was not able to because of a policy that they Implmented. that was not disclosed in the policy hand book at that present time i”

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