Fiat of mapls shade

Fiat of mapls shade Review

Report Filed: Fiat of mapls shade Sales people will suck you dry Maple shade New Jersey!!

So here’s my story… I had an awesome 2014 Optima in my fav color and loved it. Wasn’t looking to get rid of my vehicle. Received a letter in the mail and went in to check out if they could indeed offer a high amount for my Optima after looking around I fell in love with a camaro. So we worked a deal out and I left with a 2010 camaro (dumb move ) anyway snow comes and I realize I can’t drive it anymore. So I go back to fiat to try and get a jeep. So since there were no incentives and it was used my payment would have been 810/month. So Lou talked me into checking out a Fiat. I knew I needed to get rid of the camaro and Lou…well like any sales man told me lies about it holding value which is BS. I purchased a 2014 fiat 500 L easy for 20k after incentives and the resell is 14k that’s not good resell value. So now I have a 699 car payment. So I go to fiat for my oil change and this lady julie thompson comes up to me and asks about what I drove. I told her about my situation and she suggests the one way I could get out of my negative equity is go get a new loan get the new car ..then next day call Chrysler capital to do a voluntary repo. She reassures me that it would work and I wouldn’t owe anything else on it and just need to deal with bad credit. I left the dealership to look into if and even called Chrysler capital to get info on if. They confirmed they would bill me and come after the remaining balance on loan after they auction off the car. I am so thankful I didn’t fall for their sales tactics. They are brutal and will do anything and say anything to make a sell. I will never ever purchase another vehicle from fiat or their family of cars.

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