Report Filed: FIREHOUSE AUTO MURRELLS INLET SC Sold me a car that had been in prior accidents and lied about car fax. were abusive in language when we wanted a second repair to a part they had already repaired once within four months. Blamed us for the part breaking, yelled and threatened and intimidated me so I wouldn’t complain. Murrells Inlet South Carolina!!

Please post my complaint on your website. I have tried to resolve this through the BBB but the company just lied about their version of events. The business does not accurately report the events. I would advise consumers to avoid this business, especially female consumers. There was no civility in the manner I was treated, they were not calm. They in fact are lieing. After purchasing the car and finding out they had lied about the car fax, ( I already had the car and was experiencing difficulties with it, it clearly had an issue, I brought it back and they said they fixed it. They offered a warrenty but when we experienced issues with the car again, of course the warrenty did not fix it, they blamed us, were abusive and threatening on the phone, and tried to intimidate me. They made it impossible to continue to work with them to resolve the issues and clearly were not going to help us repair the car. They saw us coming and took advantage of female consumers. I did try to speak to the owner but they became loud and abusive from the beginning of the call and when I said I would take it to the next level, the hostile response increased. Here is the BBB complaint. I want to warn consumers to find another dealership. There are many ethical ones – this company will take advantage of you and then try to intimidate you not to complain. Purchased a 2008 BMW in May 2017 for daughter. When we purchased we asked about the car fax and if it had been in an accident. The sales person said that it had not. After delivery of the car we found that it had been in four – incidents. We complained and they gave us a warranty but there were issues with the convertible top, it was fixed then my daughter left for college. The top broke again while she was away and when she was home for Thanksgiving the second side of the arms that lift the convertible up broke. When she went to the dealership they were evasive and finally told her to come back. When I called they would not give me a straight answer, when I said I was going to take to the next level – ie BBB- before I even finished my sentence the owner began yelling and saying he would not be threatened, he continued to yell with a raised voice and angry tones. He then suggested that my daughter had pried the top up on the convertible. I repeatedly asked him if they were going to fix it and he said they had just ordered the parts and they would fix on Monday. Later a second person from Firehouse called my daughter and lectured her on communication and how it wasn’t right to text her mother when they were communicating with her. He told her to take it directly to BMW and then they would see if they would fix it. Both my daughter and I were spoken to in an abusive and threatening manner. The dealership sold us a car that was damaged, they tried to get out of fixing it and tried to take advantage of us, as woman, buying a car and trusting the dealership to be honest. The way we were treated was so intimidating without providing any real assistance or agreement to fix the car, that we called the lender and they suggested we try to trade the car in for a car without problems. The first dealership we took the BMW refused to trade in and said they would never take on a car with that many problems and the second dealership took it at great monetary loss to me. This dealership was dishonest in selling the car, I had already received the car and turned in my other car so this made it difficult to return the car once I learned they lied about it being in accidents and were unethical. Then when we asked for the car to be fixed (within four months of the last repairs), they intimidated, blamed, and were verbally abusive towards us for the issues with the car and would not commit to fixing the problems. This made it a hostile environment that left us with no other avenue then to trade the car in and work with another dealership. Their response to the BBB was filled with lies. I know I have no recourse and I am just out my money and I should have been more diligent about my trusting people. I wanted to file this complaint so others will be warned. This is my rebuttle to the BBB response provided by the company which of course said, they never did anything I said they did and they were wonderful and I am wrong. I wouldn’t be taking my time to do all of this if I wasn’t truely taken advantage of. I never said seek legal action and the words this conversation is over were never spoken. The manager/owner continue on the phone in raised angry voice and was abusive in language to me. Additionally, I was there and heard the second call to my daughter. That is also a lie that they did not lecture her about communication. This response is indicative in the manner I was treated. This dealership is dishonest. We were given a warranty that did not cover the convertible top. This issue was not cosmetic. The top was not working correcty, they did not see the full extent of the issues because they were so hostile in their communication. My daughter did like the car, she took excellent care of it and when the convertible top was clearly broke again she took it back for a repeat repair, their response that it was not from the original issue is not true. Additionally, we had already gotten rid of our other car so it was not possible to just “back out”” of the deal. We trusted them twice