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Report Filed: First Prise Properties Wildwood Acres DeathTrap Apartment – Defective wiring, abusive staff, unsafe parking, and did I mention filth? Williamsville, New York!!

I planned to rent an apartment at this place, and like this renter did it based on the website and keep in mind, those displayed on the site are likely not the unit you will be renting. The unit I ended up with had broken windows, was filthy with animal urine extant in the carpet still when I moved in, the kitchen was filthy with food remnants all over, the parking lot was full of holes and had not been paved, I later discovered the wiring was defective and likely had been fire damaged. As in the insulation was charred, cracked, and brittle and the place needed to be rewired. I was forced to wait a week or more in a hotel while they made the unit ready, it would later seem for no reason since upon move in the unit was filthy. I called them to complain and their maintenance person was flip, callous, condescending, and thought it funny. They sent someone over to basically lie to me to my face and claim they cleaned the apartment that obviously had not been. One wall in the living room was covered with a mirror but most of it was cracked and broken, like the fixtures in the rest of the unit, dating from the 1950’s, covered in cigarette smoke and dust, broken, and not working or falling apart. Later their maintenance people hit my car, intentionally, five times in the parking lot with their mower. I am not sure how someone can hit a car parked in a parking lot with a lawn mower but they managed to do so. I would stay far away from these people and any First Prise Property for that matter. I had one person support this place in a rebuttal to another review I posted and in their post they made some crack about the bathroom being easy to find. About the mentality of the children who manage the business I’d say. To them I’d add that I found the bathroom also, all I had to do is look for the source of the stench and the leaking water upon move in. And ask did they also find the defective wiring? Some people here are being serious, I certainly am, they must think they are funny. When kids die in a fire, then see if you can smell my blood boiling and then see if they make jokes about the bathroom. I’d rent elsewhere despite this person’s belief the bathroom is easy to find. I had two and neither one worked and perhaps the maintenance people can find your car in the lot to avoid not hitting it as they did mine. Nobody else seems to agree that this is a great place to live and that includes the other tenents I spoke with while I was there. This would be the LAST place I’d bring my kids to live. Having them does not make people experts, anyone can do so it seems so to the poster of the review with the joke about the bathroom, I’d suggest at $750 a month purchasing a home before you have kids. Try selling the two SUVs and waste less time attempting to make social statements about people you know nothing about, certainly with the lack of moral foundation you’d have attempting to do so. Some people live in the toilet it seems, I don’t need your guidance nor does anyone else. The apartments are filthy, the lot is a mess, the landscaping was terrible, the staff was useless and disrespectful, and the structure falling apart. Not as indicated on the website at all. Speaking of toilet humor: I particularly enjoyed the ancient wooden toilet seats in mine, encrusted with dried urine from decades of use and of course not once being cleaned. My kitchen was just as filthy upon move in. Bon Appetit! Suffice it to say I left in disgust and won’t be back.

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