FL Dept Of Education Office Of The Commissioner

FL Dept Of Education Office Of The Commissioner Review

Report Filed: FL Dept Of Education Office Of The Commissioner ripoff Due to this department’s negligence my rights were violated. Tallahassee Florida!!

I hope it’s not too late to be helped since this happened some time ago. But I feel I am entitled to back pay. I came from Puerto Rico and I started to work as a teacher of ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) with a provisional status until I pass a series of test batteries to qualify for the professional certificate. But since my Math skills were not the best, it was hard for me to pass the Math battery of the test. After quite a few tries, I decided to quit and get me another job; but the director of the ESOL program asked me to consider working just as a regular teacher, but with the salary and conditions of a substitute, and to give the test another try, and if I approve it; my contract will be changed to a regular teacher. So a month after the school opened, I took the test and passed. The application for the certificate got to the Office of certification in Tallahassee on 12/5/2001, but I happened to get my certificate the day before the school year was over, and because of this, the School District of Palm Beach County refused to appoint me as a regular teacher even though I was qualified. I worked the whole year with less than half of a regular salary with no benefits what so ever. This have really affected me in other ways up to this day. Priscila Clewiston, FloridaU.S.A.

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