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Report Filed: frontier motor rip off scams liars faulty cars rude cheaters thieves milwaukee Wisconsin!!

I made a horrible mistake buying my first car here a lot of people even told me after the fact I bought the car they wouldn’t have let me go there. I bought a Chevy impala that now has a recall they never gave me the car facts after having to keep asking for them I researched for myself and found out that the car had 47 bad reports on the car my power steering went bad my rims were bad and my engine would overheat I spent so much money trying to keep the car up I could barely pay for my payments so they repossessed it . every month something went wrong with it. And may I remind you never let them change your oil. This was the worst car experience ever had. Now its hard for me to get a car now and I just turned 21 I have health issues and a child with health issues and I am working extra to get things straight with these horrible people . I hope this helps my younger people out . I never knew that there were people like this.

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