Gary Duane Traganza

Gary Duane Traganza Review

Report Filed: Gary Duane Traganza Gary Traganza He is a pedophile, deals asian child porn, preys on young girls, serial groper, in the Buddhist Church Sacramento, California!!

Gary Traganza of Sacramento, CA is a 65 year old pedophile and sexual pervert. He has always been sexually attracted to young girls. He likes young Asian girls. He has inserted himself in the Sacramento Buddhist Church as a way to gain the trust of Asian families in the community and lure their daughters into his home. He does not control his impulses and acts out his impulses by walking by and brushing his privates on or groping on unsuspecting young girls. You can tell by looking at him something is wrong, he has beady eyes and always stares at the young girls. He picks out girls that are quiet and won’t speak up against their elders. Once he lures the girl into his home he molests them. His conduct is depraved needs to be exposed so everyone will be warned that he is a predator. Sexual predators find ways to get into positions of trust. Gary Traganza puts himself in positions of trust within the Buddhist Community so he can get access to young asian girls. Parents keep your children far away from him.

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